Why Work With a 3PL Company for Your Startup Project

Why Work With a 3PL Company for Your Startup Project

As an entrepreneur developing a new product line, you want to focus on creativity, production, and marketing and leave the order fulfillment to third-party experts with years of experience in shipping and logistics. You’ll find that as your organization grows in size and scope, it will become increasingly important to focus on improving logistics. A huge priority will be making sure you have a great supply chain in place. Entrepreneurs that are just starting to see some success will want to consider working with a third-party logistics company.

You may need to partner with a trusted 3PL company soon. For example, you anticipate a viral marketing campaign will bring in a flurry of orders. Or, your company is arranging financing in part through a crowdfunding campaign, and you’ve determined that it will be best to outsource such tasks as warehousing, inventory, order fulfillment, and transportation.

Read on for insight into the benefits of doing fulfillment with a 3PL company.

Benefits of Partnering With a Third-party Logistics Company

You can anticipate some key benefits when you work with a 3PL firm. For example, you do not need to purchase your own warehouse. You use a third party’s space, which is a better use of your resources.

Experts deal with order fulfillment for you. Working with trusted warehouse professionals, you’ll know that customers will consistently get their orders on time. They pack items more efficiently than your team can since that’s all they focus on.

You Can Increase or Decrease Storage Space as Your Business Ebbs and Flows

Say a new product is coming off of the line soon. If the first shipments are going to crowdfunding investors, you know they will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of these first products. Or, you are funding the products internally, and you don’t want to disappoint the loyal customers who have pre-ordered items.

This means you will need to have a lot of products on hand to meet the first wave of demand. But if your product line is more popular during certain times of the year, you may not need the same amount of warehouse space after the first shipments have gone out. That’s not a problem since you can adjust how much space you need with your 3PL team.

Orders Will Arrive Intact and On-Time

Instead of worrying about all of the small details involved in order fulfillment and shipping, you can leave this drudgery to 3PL professionals who focus on such tasks day in and day out. Your recipients will be pleased to see orders arriving properly packed and within the specified time frame.

Let American Warehouse, Inc. Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

There’s no need to stretch yourself thin, especially when you have new products to bring to market. Your company can focus on its core strengths, such as product development, testing, and promotions, while 3PL professionals handle the logistics.

You’ll be in good hands because seasoned professionals will be responsible for optimizing your inventory, receiving items to store in a warehouse on your behalf, and then picking items for packing and transport as orders come rolling in.

To get started working with American Warehouse, your preferred 3PL company, contact us today.