How Cartonization Makes Fulfillment More Efficient

How Cartonization Makes Fulfillment More Efficient

Your company is starting to see an increase in business, requiring more items to be shipped more frequently. As your bottom line starts to improve, you want to make sure that you keep costs to a minimum when it comes to warehousing products and shipping them out to customers.

This is where cartonization becomes a crucial element of your delivery network. Cartonization helps you reduce costs with less wasted packaging, optimizzing the weight-to-size ratio of shipments, and improving the productivity of warehouse packers.

Read on to learn how you can grow more profitable thanks to cartonization in the warehouse environment.

Introduction to Cartonization

Cartonization relies on machine vision and artificial intelligence with special algorithms to keep an eye on all products and the cartons they need to be packed into for delivery. There are a number of factors to consider in cartonization work.

The cartonization system scans each product to identify it and its size. You can also learn the declared weight and dimensions of products from information printed on the packaging. Then, the system understands where each item is going. The algorithm helps calculate the best fit for placing as many things as possible inside a specifically sized carton.

Items that are heavy and dense will require stronger cartons than something small and light, such as a pillow, so the system also maintains a close watch over these details. Otherwise, you might have a too-heavy item forced into a box not meant to support it during transport. Or you wind up with a large box filled mainly with air and just a few products inside.

The system helps packers identify which products go into which boxes and when, so everything is packed up nice and tight, with as little wasted space as possible. When you select the right mix of weight and size of objects with the optimal size and strength of the carton, you will reduce shipping costs.

Benefits of Cartonization

Given how efficient cartonization is compared to traditional picking and packing operations in warehouses, your company stands to benefit in various ways. Recipients of your shipments always prefer orders to arrive as soon as possible, but with the minimum number of cartons, since they have their own storage and transportation issues to consider when your items arrive.

You cut down on the costs of material used in packaging since there will be less wasted space inside cartons, being packed in the most efficient manner. What’s more, you also will see lower freight costs, because cartonization helps you obtain the best package size to weight ratio of every carton. And since cartonization allows people to work more efficiently, you save on labor costs in the warehouse.

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