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Supplemental Services

SERVICES & Solutions

Supplemental Services

Supplemental Services

At American Warehouse, Inc. we understand that customer preferences and requirements are ever-changing and complex. That’s why, in addition to core 3PL warehousing and distribution services, we also offer a wealth of value-added services to our clients that are designed to meet the needs of their customers. We work as a strategic partner with our clients to develop fully integrated, customized 3PL solutions that result in a flexible, efficient supply chain and increased sales. Utilizing our value-add services allows products to get to customers in less time than it would take if each of these functions were outsourced to different vendors. Our value-added services, in conjunction with our traditional 3PL services, provide the quality control you need throughout the entire process.

Cross Docking Services

American Warehouse, Inc. cross docking services help companies reduce warehouse costs, shorten delivery lead times, and increase order fill rates. By breaking down received items at the loading dock and matching them with pending orders for immediate, direct shipment to the retail store, cross docking eliminates the storage and labor costs of a traditional warehousing model.

Benefits of Cross Docking

Seasonal Storage

Our warehousing services are scalable and flexible. We meet overflow storage and seasonal warehouse needs during surges and high demand periods. Goods can be stored in our clean and secure warehouse for any duration; we offer both short-term and long-term storage solutions.

Package Consolidation

Package consolidation allows you to order items from multiple stores (or the same store but placed at various times) and merge all the items together in a single package. In doing so, we’re able to reduce the overall shipping costs.

Return Processing

Our expert customer service team can quickly and accurately process returns and provide replacement shipments if needed. Returned products are safely returned to inventory.

At American Warehouse, Inc. we are proud to offer the highest level of customer service and serve your customers as if they were our own. Contact us today to learn more about our value-add services and how they complement our core 3PL offerings.

Benefits of Cross-Docking

Reduce distribution costs by more than 50% on the items being cross-docked.

Reduce facility operating costs. Cross dock facilities simply cost less to operate than full-fledged distribution centers. Reduce inventory when the volume and timing of supply can

Reduce inventory when the volume and timing of supply can be managed to precisely match demand, the need for large safety stocks is eliminated.

"Hub and Spoke" Cross-Docking – It involves taking delivery of products from several suppliers or vendors at one location. After which the products are sorted and further delivered to several destinations, like the retail stores. This process optimizes the expenditure and makes distribution quicker.

Increase retailer efficiency by receiving fewer, precisely timed shipments, requiring fewer dock doors and receiving staff.

Reduce transportation costs. Transport mode shifts from high-cost LTL to consolidated truckload shipments that get there faster.

De-consolidation Cross-Docking – To make deliveries in an easy way, large or bulky shipments are separated apart into small or compact shipments. It helps in quicker delivery of orders and lessens expenses of transportation and handling of products.

Consolidation Cross-Docking – To accomplish economic benefits, smaller shipments are put together to create large shipments. It is mostly carried out by industries that deal in smaller packages and the LTL (less-than-truckload). In such circumstances, for storage, loading, and unloading, there is much more space in the terminal.