What to Look For When You Tour a Warehouse Facility


There are advantages to touring a new warehouse facility in person. Whether you’re just getting into the e-commerce business or you’re moving your U.S.-based distribution and fulfillment services to a new warehouse, it’s worth the time and effort to view the operations firsthand. While you may not be able to actually walk the floor, for safety reasons, a quality warehouse in the U.S. will be happy to host guests who want to view what goes on from a safe distance. If you do decide to tour a new warehouse facility, take advantage by keeping an eye on these specific things:

Orderly and Organized Setup

The warehouse should appear to be well-organized. An orderly setup will minimize confusion with products, as well as contribute to the efficiency of operation. Look for organized shelves that are not in disarray, shelf labels to help employees locate items, and efficiency with any conveyor systems that are present. Basically, everything should look like a smoothly-operating machine.


Another sign of a quality warehouse is cleanliness. While it’s impossible to keep floors spotless in a warehouse environment, there shouldn’t be excess trash or spills on the floors. The entire working space should be relatively clear of trash, and things should be in their place or on their way to their designated place.

Safe Working Environment

Thanks to OSHA, there are certain safety standards that must be maintained in working environments. As a warehouse tourist, you should notice hazardous waste clean-up stations, water splash stations for accidents pertaining to the eyes or skin, and adequate signage to keep workers safe.


The work environment should be adequately lit so workers can perform their job without eye strain. Most warehouses are a little dim, kept that way to help keep the warehouse cool. But once your eyes adjust, you should feel that the warehouse is properly lit.

Happy Employees

Take note of the employees themselves. Do they seem content to go about their duties? They probably won’t be laughing and smiling (or maybe they will!), but they shouldn’t be obviously unhappy, either. Happy, content employees reflect good treatment by their employers and supervisors. In turn, they will do a better job.

Climate Control

If you happen to be thinking of using that warehouse for food products, consider the climate control inside the warehouse. Food products that need refrigeration would need special handling, too. Keep this in mind if your e-commerce business product is food that needs to be preserved within certain temperature ranges.

When comparing U.S.-based distribution and fulfillment services, it pays to keep all of these things in mind. Ideally, you want to work with a warehouse for years to come. When you take the time to carefully review their facilities, you’ll be more likely to choose the best distribution and fulfillment for your needs. Contact American Warehouse, Inc. to learn more.