Using FBA Prep Services to Save Time & Money

Using FBA Prep Services to Save Time & Money

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a valuable service that helps eCommerce businesses leverage the selling power of Amazon. Using an FBA prep service allows you to focus on core areas of your business, saves time and money, and lets professional experts manage your fulfillment needs.

What is Fulfillment by Amazon?

FBA is a service that allows Amazon sellers to outsource shipping to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. It’s designed to ease the burden of storage, warehouse management, and logistics for sellers. Businesses like American Warehouse, Inc. in tax-free New Hampshire prep orders for delivery by managing inventory and getting orders ready to send to Amazon.

How Do FBA Prep Services Work?

When using an FBA prep service provider, you ship your inventory to the warehouse and enter shipment details such as description, ASIN, UPC, and ISBN in a spreadsheet.

Once your items arrive, teams at the FBA prep service will count and inspect the items and ensure they meet the requirements for FBA. Amazon has an extensive set of guidelines about the state of the products, barcodes, labels, and expiration dates, if applicable. Your FBA partner will ensure that everything is ready to ship.

Your FBA prep service will prepare items for distribution, including adding the Fulfillment Network SKU (FNSKU), which Amazon uses to identify and track products.

Once your items are ready, the FBA prep service will either print shipping labels or provide you with the shipping box weight and dimensions for you to generate mailing labels. Once labels are applied, the items are sent to Amazon.

Benefits of Using FBA Fulfillment Prep Services

There are significant advantages to using FBA fulfillment prep services. Here is a look at some of the major benefits.

Saves Warehouse Space

By shipping your items directly to an FBA prep warehouse, you eliminate the need to manage and maintain your own warehouse space. If you run your Amazon business out of your home, this can be a significant consideration.

Running a fulfillment operation out of a garage or basement can be cumbersome and logistically challenging. By using a professional warehouse operation, you gain the knowledge and expertise of a third-party partner that can handle the operations, logistics, and management of your valuable goods.

Saves Time

You need time to focus on your core business – sourcing items, marketing, quality control, and sales. Adding in complicated, time-consuming and tedious work of packing, kitting and prepping items for shipment can eke into time many small businesses simply do not have.

Speed and Accuracy

When you use an FBA prep service, you know that orders will get out quickly and accurately. You’ll boost your profit margin with improved turnaround times, increased production, and better customer reviews.

Choose an Experienced FBA Prep Partner

At American Warehouse, Inc. we provide comprehensive FBA prep services. We ship products out within 2-4 business days and have no charges to receive your inventory. We are located in tax-free New Hampshire and offer a full array of fulfillment services, including kitting, light assembly, and private label services.

American Warehouse, Inc. has low startup fees (including storage), free Inventory Lab prep services, and the first 14 days of storage are free. To learn more about our FBA prep services, contact us today.