Are Warehousing & Logistics the Same?

Are Warehousing & Logistics the Same?

The global warehousing industry will be valued at over $326 billion by 2024. Today, more businesses trust the role of solution providers in the storage and warehousing subsector to offer logistical support. But even then, most companies still have a limited understanding of the difference between warehousing and logistics.

If you want to engage with a 3PL service provider soon, you must distinguish between warehousing and logistics.

Warehousing and Logistics – The Main Difference 

Before you engage a 3PL provider, here’re some distinct differences


Warehousing broadly refers to packaging and storing goods and raw materials in a commercial building. The warehousing concept encompasses unloading, receiving, checking, storing, ordering, and handling inbound goods.


Logistics, on the other hand, encompasses goods’ inbound and outbound flow. The concept refers to the movement of raw and finished products, and it covers the seamless transportation process (internal and external) of goods in and out of the warehouse.

Within the broader context, logistics refers to the systematic flow of information from when a client orders a product right to when the final delivery is complete.

Warehousing vs. Logistics – The Intersection

While both warehousing and logistics appear to refer to two different processes, they have a unique intersection. It’s impossible to have one without the other. Every 3PL company that offers warehousing services must utilize logistical support to ensure seamless technical functionality.

At American Warehouse Inc., we combine exceptional warehousing and logistical function to deliver top-notch fulfillment services for our clients. Your warehousing and logistics needs are safe in our hands. American Warehouse, Inc. is one of the few customer-centric organizations with a keen focus on your guaranteed satisfaction. Here’re some reasons why you will love our services:

Reliable Kitting, Warehouse Distribution, And Fulfillment Solutions

Unlike most other warehouse solution providers, we use the kitting approach in the management of fulfillment of orders. Kitting is the process of combining several units into well-packed, ready-to-ship kits. Besides avoiding poor-selling inventory, an advantage for us, Kitting also helps provide more packaging choices for our customers.

American Warehouse’s State-Of-The-Art Warehouse Facilities

Technology steers efficiency and productivity in any industry today. At American Warehouse Inc., we have made massive investments in state-of-the-art warehouse facilities, and our goal is to automate the entire fulfillment process through continuous innovations. We guarantee our client’s top-notch logistical support with state-of-the-art warehouse facilities.

Our Robust 3PL Central Software Solutions 

Every customer wants to engage with a 3PL company keen on utilizing best practices in warehouse management. Our software and integration program is top of the class. We use the 3PL warehouse manager, one of the leading cloud-based WMS platforms globally.

The choice of software gives us an advantage in automating tasks and managing the entire inventory. As a customer, this software also ensures that we offer you unmatched visibility. The software helps us capture the logistics process of assembly, labeling, and sorting.

Enjoy The Benefits of Warehousing in a Tax-Free State 

New Hampshire is among the few tax-free States in the United States. Our clients have the tax advantage each time they partner with us for their 3PL needs. You can take this advantage by outsourcing fulfillment and warehousing services from our multiple locations in New Hampshire.

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