How to Move Services From One Warehouse to Another

How to Move Services From One Warehouse to Another

There’s nothing better than discovering the best distribution and fulfillment warehouse in New Hampshire. Using a high-quality warehouse company that’s focused on your customers’ satisfaction almost guarantees your business’ success. But what if you already use a distribution and fulfillment warehouse? How do you move services from one warehouse to another?

Define Your Strategy

Logistically, you need to define your moving strategy. Working with both providers, outline a timeline of events that includes:

  • Moving product from one location to the other
  • Arranging for any special inventory handling needs, such as cold storage
  • Contact information between the two providers

Don’t assume that you need to be the liaison between the two providers. Let them be in contact with one another so that details can be ironed out in an efficient manner. Remember that your move away from one warehouse will be a big event for them. You want the move to go as smoothly as possible for both parties.

Manage Software Integrations

Moving warehouses entails much more than simply transporting inventory from one location to another. Almost every 3PL  has its own inventory management system. A big aspect of transferring providers effectively is making sure your shop integration is completely set up across various platforms well before the new contract starts. That way, when orders start pouring into your new warehouse, everyone will be able to hit the ground running.

Coordinate New Shipping Locations

When you switch providers, your warehouse location is almost certainly going to be different than before, even in a new state. This might alter your capacity to offer the same delivery dates or promotional shipping rates as in the past, depending on where your consumer base is located. Be sure to review your shipping terms and rates so that you can ensure that your profit margins don’t shrink.

Notify Stakeholders

You don’t need to bother your customers with information about your new 3PL warehouse unless you feel it’s necessary. But you should notify stakeholders, such as your business loan lender, any shareholders, business partners, vendors, etc. Anyone who needs to know the location of your inventory should be notified as early as possible in the process so that they don’t send out products to your old warehouse address. To better protect yourself, multiple moving notices are recommended, in case one is lost in transit, misplaced, or mishandled. You might also consider notifications in various formats, such as mail, text, and email, in order to cover all your bases.

Work With American Warehouse, Inc.

Don’t allow your business to suffer from low-quality warehouse distribution and fulfillment services just because of a perception that it would be too complicated to move. It’s better to make the effort to move from a warehouse that isn’t satisfying your business needs than to let things go on in a substandard way. Use these tips to move services from your old warehouse to the best 3PL warehouse in tax-free New Hampshire. For more information, contact the experts at American Warehouse, Inc. today.