How Kitting Can Benefit Your Electronics eCommerce Business

How Kitting Can Benefit Your Electronics eCommerce Business

To free up precious space in your organization’s facilities, it makes sense to transfer some of the work to your 3PL partners. And often, you will need kitting to assemble the items into packages for each customer since no two orders are alike.

This is why so many companies that are set up for eCommerce sales channels come to rely on third-party logistics professionals like the team at American Warehouse, Inc. to take care of kitting services.

If you’re new to outsourcing warehousing work to experts, it’s useful to become more familiar with kitting and how it can help you grow your business.

What is Kitting in Third-party Logistics?

Kitting is an approach to managing your inventory and order fulfillment. The idea is you are selling a range of electronics products. In many cases, you will offer complementary items, such as a USB charger for a game, special cables or connectors, or an add-on game to go with a game-playing device.

This allows customers to make custom orders. Since you can’t predict ahead of time who will want what add-ons or options, it’s easier to handle this work at the point of order fulfillment, with kitting professionals.

At American Warehouse, Inc., our kitting team rapidly locates and assembles kits for your electronics products to get them quickly out the door.

How Will Kitting Benefit Your Electronics Sales?

Offering each of your customers the ability to order just what they want or need makes it more likely you can not just meet their requirements but turn them into loyal, recurring fans of your products. Kitting means they can select the ideal combination of electronics products, components, and optional items.

You also benefit because you can offer them more possibilities than if you only could sell them a specific set of items, despite what their use case scenario or personal preferences might be.

If you are thinking of expanding your business to offer a subscription box of new items every month, kitting is an ideal way to make this happen. It gives your early adopter customers the variety and sense of adventure they crave.

Partner with the Kitting Experts at American Warehouse, Inc.

It’s clear that taking advantage of kitting services will make you become a more nimble company that can respond more readily to market forces, giving you faster turnover and better supply chain management. In today’s high-speed, global market, the more efficiently you run your business, the more likely customers will return to you again and again.

In order to focus more of your time and attention on your core electronics eCommerce business processes, it makes sense to outsource a lot of the warehousing, shipping, and fulfillment tasks to experts. That way, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the 3PL professionals at American Warehouse, Inc. are looking after your products.

If you have questions about what will be involved in kitting your electronic products or would like to consult with us about outsourcing this vital 3PL task, please get in touch with American Warehouse, Inc. today.