Why Warehousing Helps You Retain Customers

Why Warehousing Helps You Retain Customers

Customer acquisition costs always need attention, as they directly impact a company’s bottom line. In every case, it’s less costly to retain a customer than to acquire a customer. In today’s world, it’s harder than ever to get a customer back once they’ve been lost. That’s why the services of a 3PL warehouse are so valuable; in a variety of ways, a well-run 3PL warehousing facility helps companies retain customers.

Reliability in Meeting Customers’ Demands

Due to heavy online competition, customers’ demands are increasing. Whether you are in B2B or selling to an end user, you need reliable warehousing services in order to meet higher demands.

Real-time Data on Inventory and Supply Chain Logistics

Real-time data on inventory and supply chain logistics is critical for businesses. That means knowing where your product is, when it arrived in the warehouse, how long it will take to ship to its destination, and much more. It also means knowing in advance as much as possible, when new inventory is scheduled to arrive. These days, supply chains are getting a beating, but with planning and management on the part of your 3PL warehouse, kinks can be ironed out.

Continual Monitoring and Process Improvements

At American Warehouse, Inc. we are constantly monitoring our existing process and looking for ways to improve. We provide warehousing services for a broad range of goods, including apparel, health and beauty, industrial supplies, automotive supplies, electronics, and much more. Our efficiency testers are always at work, ensuring that your company and our other clients are getting the best possible service. This helps your company retain customers by ensuring accuracy in deliveries, timely shipments, and quality control.

Software Integrations and IT Efficiency

American Warehouse, Inc. offers our clients a whole new way to manage and monitor warehouse inventory and logistics. Our software and integrations allow you to connect to our platform for total control over how you run your business. And if you already have a favorite shipping company, you have the option to continue that relationship or compare and contrast with other experienced vendors through our software platform.

Ability to Pivot According to Changed Needs

It’s wonderful when your entire warehousing and fulfillment process has been planned out and implemented. It’s even better when something unexpected comes up and you discover that your warehouse can pivot to accommodate a unique or changed need. Circumstances change, and when your warehouse is flexible and can change according to the new situation, that keeps your customers happy and often completely oblivious to the fact that there was ever an issue at all. That’s how customers are retained over the long term.

There’s no better way to ensure that your company’s customers stay your customers and not turn to your biggest competitor than by providing efficient service and quality merchandise that has been well-protected throughout its journey to your customer. Your warehousing partner needs to be American Warehouse, Inc. Contact us to learn more about our solutions for scalable growth.