How to Grow Your New Confectionery Business With the Help of a 3PL Company

How to Grow Your New Confectionery Business With the Help of a 3PL Company

You’ve got hungry mouths to feed and plenty of delicious, tempting confections to offer to the masses. Now, the trick is getting your amazing food products into customers’ hands as quickly as possible. Before consumers eat your treats, though, you have to verify that each confection is stored properly in its warehousing space.

What’s called for is a partnership with third-party logistics experts to take care of the warehousing, logistics, and shipping on your behalf. Not to worry! The 3PL professionals at American Warehouse have you covered.

Confections and the Supply Chain

There are a few issues to keep in mind when your business sets up storage and distribution channels for confectionery products. Timely movement of items is a chief concern, to be sure. And the products must be protected from the time they arrive at the warehouse until they are moved from storage to ship out to customers.

At American Warehouse, we have years of experience receiving and handling the most delicate confections. As you’d expect, our warehouse facilities maintain a precisely temperature-controlled environment, using modern equipment to keep food safe and fresh. When it’s summertime, your chocolate products will stay intact throughout storage and shipping.

Your candy will remain safe and delicious under our watchful eyes.

Working With 3PL Experts for Quickly Moving Your Candy to Eager Customers

You don’t want to disappoint the people who are eagerly waiting for your confections to arrive. American Warehouse partners with a range of candy companies, which allows us to consolidate loads of confections to common retailers. This allows for lowered delivery costs.

And when it’s time to transport the candy, we use refrigerated freight services, so quality is ensured throughout the journey. If your company does business on an international scale, you’ll be glad to know that we arrange for temperature-controlled drayage as goods leave the ports around the world.

An important factor is seasonal demand and unpredictable surges in orders. Confections that people order for Valentine’s Day and other holidays need to arrive on time to avoid disappointing loyal customers.

To that end, we can easily scale up our work to meet changes in demand. We are happy to offer you visibility into our real-time inventory systems thanks to the warehouse management system (WMS) technology we’ve set up for more efficient allocation of products.

Rely on American Warehouse to Protect Your Candy and Keep it Moving Through the Supply Chain

Ideally, you and your team will focus on creating the most flavorful confections, inventing new products, and tending to your marketing and research, while you rely on 3PL professionals to handle logistics.

Since candy typically needs to be stored under controlled conditions and often has a limited viable shelf life, it’s of the utmost importance that your warehousing and shipping partner moves quickly and efficiently.

That’s what you can expect when you work with American Warehouse. And because our warehouse facilities are located in tax-free New Hampshire, your accountant will appreciate the savings.  To learn more about how we can benefit your confection company, please get in touch with us today.