5 Tips for Retaining Customers

5 Tips for Retaining Customers

Smart business owners know that it’s less time, effort, and money to retain an existing customer than it is to try to get a new customer. Once you have a customer, you must do everything in your power to retain them. Following are five tips for doing just that.

1. Sustain Product Consistency

When you retain customers and build brand loyalty, you will have multiple sales orders. But to keep existing customers, you need to sustain product consistency. Customers want to know that every time they buy your product, they will get the same level of quality, look, and feel of your product. A 3PL warehouse can help you ensure product consistency. When you utilize your 3PL warehouse for kitting, assembly, packaging, and more, you can be assured that every product fulfills your promise to your customers.

2. Provide Reliable Delivery with a 3PL Warehouse

These days, customers expect faster and faster delivery. But when deliveries are delayed, it can make a customer think twice about ordering from you again. Remember, customers often have very good reasons for needing your product to arrive on time. They are sending it on to a grandchild for a birthday gift, need to receive it before a scheduled vacation, or something else. So reliable delivery is essential to retaining customers and a quality 3PL warehouse can be an essential partner in helping to make sure your product arrives when your customer is expecting it, or even sooner.

3. Engage with Customers

Always keep the lines of communication open with customers in order to retain them. Engage with them; don’t just read or listen to what they have to say and then ignore it. Make sure that every communication from a customer is responded to quickly. This ensures your customers that they are being heard and that their comments and concerns are being taken seriously.

4. Educate Customers

Add value to your product by educating customers on secondary topics that they might be interested in. On your website, post blogs that inform and educate customers on related subjects. For example, if your product is a face cream, post on topics like the latest anti-aging developments, how to protect skin in the sun, etc. This kind of content will keep customers returning to your site, where you can market to them and get them to buy more of your product.

5. Remind Customers

Customers sometimes need to be reminded about why they need your product. This is proven by the big advertisers that are constantly reminding customers why their product is essential or better than others on the market. As a business owner, you have various opportunities to remind customers, but one that is often overlooked—and is the simplest—is to simply place the reminder on the product packaging. Phrases like, “98% More Effective than Other Brands,” and “See Results in Less than 60 Seconds!” work wonders to remind customers why they are buying your brand over your competitors’ brand.

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