4 Ways a Warehouse Fulfillment Center Saves You Money

4 Ways a Warehouse Fulfillment Center Saves You Money

As a company, you know that every penny is important to the bottom line. Small, medium and large companies spend fortunes looking for ways to save money. In fact, a full-service warehouse and fulfillment center is the number one way to save money. Here’s how.

1. Not Having to Shop Around

Once you find a high-quality warehouse and fulfillment center, you save money by not having to continue to shop around for services. When you have all of your services provided through the one center, you can get back to the business of research and development, marketing, and customer service.

2. Quality Control

There is tremendous peace of mind knowing that every one of your products will be handled in the same exact way, from warehousing to labeling, to kitting to order fulfillment. This enables you to have a level of quality control that protects your company against insurance claims from inadequate and/or faulty products, which saves you money.

3. Minimal Contracts

If you were to have to find different solutions for all the various aspects of getting your product into the hands of your customers, that would require multiple contracts with multiple third parties. And each of those contracts would, no doubt, necessitate extra money deposits, costs, and fees that add up quickly. Instead, when you use a full-service warehouse and fulfillment center, you have one contract, with one third-party. That’s a huge saving.

4. Fewer Logistical Costs

When you have your product handled by a single warehouse and fulfillment center, you don’t have the logistical costs of shipping your products from one place to another to go through the stages on the way to your customers. This saves in shipping costs. You don’t need to have your product pulled from a warehouse in order to go to a different facility for kitting, then shipped to yet another facility to be packaged for labeling and final mailing to your customers. Everything is provided in one easy location when you utilize a full-service warehouse and fulfillment center.

The more ways you can streamline and simplify your business, the more you will save money. And whether you have a private or a public company, you and/or your investors will always be happier to see a larger bottom line due to using a full-service warehouse and fulfillment center. For more information about all the ways we can help you increase your profits, please contact us today.

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