Written By Ameraware

In order to really succeed at your Amazon FBA business, you need to get organized. For most FBA businesses owners, the core of this organization lies in your ability to not only track your inventor, as well as your sales. After all, you can only actually make sales if you have the right inventory. The more organized you are, the easier it wil be to make money and grow your business. Here’s a look at the best way to go about tracking both of these:

Use Amazon’s Tools

Amazon does have a built-in inventory management tool that can help you track which products you have for sale in your Amazon marketplace. However, while these can certainly help you manage the stock that you have listed on Amazon, this won’t help you track the products that you have yet to send to the company. These tracking tools can only get you so far, but it is definitely a good start.

Create Your Own System

While this may not be the easiest option, some Amazon sellers do prefer to create their own system using spreadsheets. The advantage here is that you will have a chance to create a system in a way that will be in line with your business and your unique way of thinking and looking at the data.

The downfall of designing your own system is that this can be a time-consuming option, at least during the initial phase where you are setting the system up. Your system could easily include fields for not only inventory management, but also include fields for tracking sales. Another negative to this option is that you might have to do a lot of the tracking manually, which might defeat the purpose of using a tool to track inventory and sales in the first place.

Purchase a Third-Party Software

There are plenty of third-party inventory management programs out there that you can use to track not only your inventory, but also your sales. You could easily integrate the inventory software with your accounting software, so that tracking both inventory and sales will be relatively seamless. However, keep in mind that no system will be perfect, and you may have to do some of this manually so that you can check on the data to make sure that it is accurate.

You have a few basic choices as to what types of software programs you could use. The first is that you can use a program geared specifically to Amazon sellers. You could always use a program that is generalized for industry management. While you decide which third-party to use, you should also consider how you will be tracking your sales.

Are you interested in growing your Amazon FBA business? If so, it is so important to track both inventory and sales. Doing so will give you an idea of how successful you are, and will also help you make adjustments that will grow your business.