AMAZON FBA Prep Services

American Warehouse, Inc. is a full-service FBA prep, shipping, and Fulfillment company located in TAX FREE New Hampshire. We help our clients streamline the fulfillment side of their business, which frees up their time to focus on sourcing more products to grow their business.

We understand that as an Amazon seller, there is a tremendous amount of overhead in setting up shop. There are so many variables involved…warehouse space, hiring employees, dealing with overseas suppliers, logistics support and time management. Let our team handle these headaches.

We are an extension of your business. We are well equipped to be flexible with your needs, while also large enough to handle your volume spikes.

No start-up fees or monthly minimums to adhere to!

Let us find a solution for you so that you can concentrate on growing your brand!

Enjoy the TAX FREE benefit that New Hampshire has to offer and let’s enjoy the growth together!


AMAZON FBA Seller Services

Amazon knows how to market, sell and deliver merchandise on a large scale, it’s Amazon. As a result, sellers of all kinds of goods across the country are looking to take advantage of the Amazon machine. Amazon seller services (also known as FBA) allow smaller sellers to benefit from Amazon’s success in sales, marketing and logistics.

Sellers who get their products sold through Amazon often find that they need help in completing preparation that Amazon requires…that’s where American Warehouse, Inc. comes in.

We provide all services needed to get product ready for Amazon intake. The following services are included in our basic pricing:

  • Receiving
  • Basic Inspection
  • Basic Packaging
  • Labeling, including: FNSKU labels, Expiration labels, Suffocation Warning labels, Ready to ship labels
  • Polybag
  • Shipping
  • Sticker Removal
  • Outbound boxes
  • 14 Days Inventory Storage


Standard Pricing

American Warehouse, Inc. provides both private label and wholesale services with simple and reasonable standard pricing. We offer a wide range of services for our standard price, based on the volume of items prepped. We also offer related services/pricing such as multipack/bundle, container offloading, storage, etc…


Per Piece Plan

  1. Standard-Size Units – $1.00
    *Minimum of 30 units – Can be of mixed SKUS
  2. Over-Size (12″ on the longest side)  Add $1.25+
    Over-size units are based on weight – please contact us for pricing.
  3. Extremely oversize (24 inches or larger)      $5.00- $25 per piece based on size.
    (example would be you are selling 100 computer desks or 50 refrigerators) Price quoted or at AW Discretion.
  4. Bundles / Multi packs – $1 for 1st piece and .30 cents per piece after that. (so 3 pieces would be 1.60)
  5. Bubble Wrapping (per linear foot) – Add $0.30/per.


Inventory Processing Includes:

  • Receiving Packages
  • Item Inspection (photos of damaged provided)
  • Sticker and Price-Tag Removal
  • Item Prep (Includes polybags and labels: suffocation warning, this is a set; do not separate, ready to ship, fragile, glass, ect.)
  • Item and Shipment Labeling
  • Dunnage
  • Short-term Inventory Storage


Outbound Boxes

We always try to reuse your original boxes when possible. However, at times, we must use new boxes to ensure the safety or cost-effectiveness of your shipments.

  • Small – $1.00
  • Medium – $3.50
  • Large – $6.00
  • X-Large – TBQ


Other Pick & Pack Fulfillment services

  • Amazon Merchant Fulfillment
  • Private Label Fulfillment
  • eBay Fulfillment
  • Multichannel eCommerce Fulfillment
  • For Pick & Pack Fulfillment Pricing – Please Contact Us Starting at $3.00 per order



Send Us Your Inventory

Place your order and ship to our address. Input shipment details into your account’s spreadsheet (eg. product description, ASIN, UPC, ISBN, quantity)



We receive, count, and inspect your inventory. You’ll also be able to check the status of each of your items at any time via our shared spreadsheet.


Prep & Labeling

Our Team will begin prepping your units to FBA standards and apply FNSKU label.



If you’re granted us sub-account access to Seller Central (only to manage FBA shipments) we will print shipping lebels on your behalf and ship to Amazon


We will Send you each shipments box weight & dimensions information so you can print shipping labels and email back to us.

We only Ship through FedEX.