Written By Ameraware

Running a business selling on Amazon is easy if you want to make a few extra dollars, but if you want to make a living doing it, it can overwhelm you. There’s more to it than most people realize, and it’s hard to do it all yourself. Fortunately, there are freelancers who specialize in helping Amazon sellers. You can easily outsource the following tasks:

Customer Service

Customer service takes up a lot of time when you own a business. Freelancers can answer customer questions online or on the telephone and deal with a wide range of issues after learning the ins and outs of your business. High-quality customer service can increase a customer’s lifetime value, especially if you sell consumables. People remember exceptional customer service experiences.

PPC Management

Amazon PPC management is a specialized type of marketing. You can find freelancers who understand the best type of ad for your product and bid strategies. They can choose the right keywords and determine negative keywords that exclude unwanted searches. Outsourcing your PPC management helps you manage your advertising costs while gaining for visibility on the platform.

Product Listing

Finding a specialist to write your product descriptions can save you time and make your listing stand out. Descriptions should be more than a list of the item’s specs or features from the manufacturer. All sellers use this information; you need to add trending keywords and tell the reader how the product can benefit them. An experienced writer can take this task over and free up your time to find new products.


Bookkeeping is one task Amazon sellers frequently outsource. Many sellers do not know bookkeeping unless they have an accounting background. Since it is essential to get your records right, outsource this task if you’re not sure how to do it correctly. You don’t want to have sloppy records when it comes time to pay your taxes.

Shipping to Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon lets you send your products to Amazon. They store your products, prep them for shipment, label and ship them for you. FBA will save you a great deal of time, but it also has other advantages. You don’t have to store products in your home or garage. FBA orders are eligible for Amazon Prime free Two-Day Shipping, which will help you make more sales as shoppers love free shipping.

However, once you find products to sell on Amazon, you will need to actually ship them properly to an Amazon Fulfillment center. In order to take on the burden of doing this yourself, you should consider hiring a third party to take care of this for you, such as American Warehouse, Inc.

Outsourcing tasks related to selling on Amazon can help you grow your business quickly. You don’t have to outsource all five tasks at first, just the ones that someone else can do more efficiently. As your business grows, you may outsource more tasks while you concentrate on building your empire.