Warehouse worker pushing pallet truck with cardboard boxesIn the face of rising materials costs and increasingly competitive pricing, retailers are looking to reduce supply chain expenses. At American Warehouse, Inc., we have experience working with major retailers and retail goods of all kinds and use this experience to create efficient retail logistics and warehousing solutions that will optimize all aspects of the supply chain.

The retail industry is ever-changing and involves a complex inventory profile. Since many retailers experience seasonal peaks, such as the holiday season, our retail warehousing solution is scalable to meet consumer demand. In addition, we are able to handle the large number of SKUs associated with retail products due to the wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, etc. available. Because there’s such a limited timeframe before retail products go out of style or out of season, our retail logistics solution is designed to keep inventory moving quickly in a cost-effective manner.

Outsourcing retail logistics and supply chain management allows retailers to invest in their core competency since outsourcing is less expensive than maintaining an internal distribution center and we take on all labor wages. Since operating costs and inventory costs are minimized, retailers can invest the money saved into developing new products, opening new stores, and entering new markets.

At American Warehouse, Inc., we streamline the entire retail logistics process. Our WMS technology is fully integrated for real-time visibility and control. Our pool distribution services reduce transit times and freight costs. We fully support client purchasing teams and provide ticketing, labeling, and kitting services and manage final store delivery. Products are delivered ready for the shelves so that employees can spend time tending to customers instead of coordinating products in the back room. Our convenient Hudson, NH location allows us to quickly replenish all East region stores.

We have extensive experience assisting retail clients and managing all aspects of retail logistics while providing quick and secure transportation of high-value retail goods. Contact us today to learn more.