Blurred forklift driver warehouseBecause food and beverage products have a limited shelf-life, transportation and logistics solutions must be time-sensitive. At American Warehouse, Inc., we have experience working with food and beverage retailers of all sizes, including specialty clients. We are equipped to manage a vast array of fragile and sensitive food and beverage products and ensure that goods are delivered safely and on time.

Our food and beverage warehousing solutions include food-grade storage environments. We maintain high sanitation protocols and all employees are properly trained on how to safely store and handle food and beverage products. Our operations are temperature controlled to ensure products are stored and shipped at optimum temperature and condition. We are in compliance with all U.S. food and beverage regulations to ensure food safety at every step of the process.

Outsourcing logistics is an ideal option for food and beverage companies. Our extensive experience and advanced machinery increases efficiency while also reducing costs. As an integrated provider of warehousing, packaging, transportation, and fulfillment, we streamline the supply chain which allows clients to focus on their core competency. Because we work with many food and beverage clients, we are also able to reduce costs through freight consolidation.

We provide inventory management services, including stock rotation and lot, batch and expiration date tracking when food and beverage products are stored in our warehouse. Our WMS provides real-time visibility and allows clients to trace products through the complete supply chain. We also provide regional retailer distribution out of our Hudson, NH warehouse.

At American Warehouse, Inc. we strive to meet every food and beverage client’s unique logistics and warehousing needs. Contact us today to learn more.