wooden pallet close up view,shot form side viewThe electronics industry faces unique challenges, such as heightened security concerns for high demand, high value products and short product lifecycles. At American Warehouse, Inc., we have the experience necessary to create comprehensive electronics warehouse and logistics strategies designed to overcome these obstacles.

For years, our clients have trusted us to handle high value electronics products and components. Our electronics storage, fulfillment, and logistics solutions are designed to prevent theft and counterfeiting. We utilize the most efficient security processes and technology, including sophisticated alarm systems, and our electronics warehouse is monitored 24 hours a day.

The electronics industry is known for its short product lifecycles that are the result of shifting consumer tastes. Since it’s nearly impossible to predict how long a product will be popular, a fast, efficient supply chain is essential. As your electronics fulfillment and distribution partner, we are able to get products to market quickly and design a supply chain solution that can meet an increase in demand of high value electronics products while also lowering costs.

In addition to providing cross dock services and fulfillment of individual store orders, we provide display assembly, labeling and packaging services that meet major retailer compliance. We understand that delicate electronics products require quality packaging that is built to keep electronics safe during transport while also ensuring that the packaging will look nice on display. To guarantee security, all electronics packages are properly sealed with associated serial numbers. For electronics industry clients that have peak periods, our seasonal warehousing services are scalable to meet individual needs.

Our electronics warehousing services are flexible and proactive, overcoming the challenges that are common in the industry. Contact us today to learn more.