Woman operating tow tractor in a busy distribution warehouseDelicate confectionery products have a specific set of distribution and warehousing needs. At American Warehouse, Inc., we manage all components of confectionery distribution for major retail confectioners, from receiving shipments, storing confections, and then shipping the products quickly and efficiently. Our warehouse features the specialized machinery and temperature-controlled environment required by the confectionery industry.

Our climate-controlled confectionery warehouse maintains the integrity and freshness of confections while they are stored. We monitor and maintain required temperature 24/7 to ensure product safety.

Because we work with multiple candy companies, we are able to consolidate loads to the same retailers, which drastically reduces delivery costs. Freight services are refrigerated in order to maintain the high quality of each confectionery product.

Our cross dock services reduce handling and operating costs and provide a quick turnaround. For overseas confectionery companies, we manage temperature controlled drayage from port and provide warehousing and last mile delivery.

Our confectionery warehousing solutions are scalable to meet periods of demand for confectionery products, such as holidays. We utilize modern WMS technology which provides our confectionery clients with real-time inventory visibility so it can be allocated quickly.

All confectionery logistics solutions are fully customized. Contact us today to learn more.