Plastic tank container for keep liquid chemicalDue to the sensitive nature of chemical warehousing, it’s important to choose a logistics partner that has extensive experience in the industry. At American Warehouse, Inc., we are focused on safety and compliance when storing and transporting both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. We adhere to ever changing federal and state chemical transportation and environmental regulations and ensure that our chemical warehouse is well equipped to meet safety standards. All employees are properly trained to handle chemicals, lubricants, and hazardous materials.

To ease the burden on chemical manufacturers, we can handle all facets of chemical logistics including storage, handling, and shipping. We understand that each chemical product has unique storage requirements and safety protocols. Our chemical warehouse is temperature controlled to meet strict temperature requirements. We store and handle chemical products housed in drums, totes, pallets, bags, and pails. Our chemical transportation services are hazmat compliant and drivers have completed training and are federally certified to transport chemicals.

Because the chemical supply chain can be complex, visibility throughout the chemical distribution process is critical. Chemical materials are meticulously tracked. We manage inventory to meet client requirements, including FIFO/FEFO and lot control. We offer cross dock services and JIT delivery of raw materials. Our chemical warehousing services are cost-effective since costs are shared with all chemical clients.

We have extensive experience in handling chemicals and hazardous materials in accordance with environmental regulations and always put safety first. Contact us today to learn more about our chemical logistics capabilities.