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E-commerce grew by 44 percent in 2020 during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. This probably comes as no surprise if you own an e-commerce business. While you welcome the increase in sales, you also face the challenge of securing adequate warehouse space to store your inventory.

Perhaps you had a warehouse storage company that worked well for your business needs before the pandemic but can no longer assist you in keeping up with demand. You need to search for a new warehouse provider, but it has been so long since you were in this position that you are not sure how to evaluate and choose the right one. We hope the tips provided in this blog will help you feel confident in selecting a new warehouse partner for your business.

Choose a Warehouse Partner with Diverse Capabilities

The last thing you want as the owner of an e-commerce business is to have to deal with separate organizations for storage, order fulfillment, and distribution. Selecting a warehouse provider that offers these capabilities and more is an important step towards increasing supply chain efficiency and service reliability. Working with just one provider across the supply chain allows your company to enjoy greater flexibility for delivery and pick-up along with increased visibility.

Here are some specific features to look for when selecting a warehouse partner for your e-commerce business:

  • Labor force availability: Does the warehouse operate 24 hours a day? Does it have any staffing issues? These questions are important to determine if your warehouse partner has the human capital to keep up with your company’s service demands.
  • Leasing terms: Whether you need seasonal storage for perishable items or long-term storage to accommodate your growing business, you want a warehouse company that is willing to grow with your company and meet its needs. Be sure to ask about flexibility if you need it or any potential discounts for signing a longer lease.
  • Safety concerns: If your business sells perishable goods or hazardous materials, you need a warehouse that can meet your unique safety and product integrity requirements. Some specific features to inquire about include security cameras, sprinkler systems, secured entry, alarms, appropriate equipment, and staff with adequate training to safely handle your inventory.
  • Technology capabilities: You want to keep a close eye on your shipments while they are in transit. In order to do this, you must select a warehouse partner that offers EDI and software-enabled visibility at all stages of the delivery process. You should be able to monitor your orders and inventory from your location by logging into the warehouse company’s software. Be sure to ask how much the company invests in technology and how willing it is to pursue more technologically advanced solutions when they become available.

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