Written By Ameraware

Amazon tapped into the internet economy in its nascent stages and is currently ranked as one of the most successful eCommerce platforms. With over 300 million customer accounts around the world and over 168 monthly million visitors in the US alone; Amazon provides sellers with a chance to reach more people.

Also, with Amazon Business, the platform gives manufacturers and distributors a channel to directly reach business customers. Amazon Business is a business-to-business, B2B marketplace where manufacturers and distributors sell their products to business customers regardless of whether they are small or big.

Benefits of Amazon Business

As an Amazon Business customer, you will expand your reach to business customers, and you have access to more features than those available on professional selling accounts. Customers who rely on Amazon Business in the US include over half of the Fortune 100 companies, more than half of the 100 biggest US hospital systems, and over 40 percent of the 100 most populous local governments. Here are some top features on Amazon Business that makes it a great place for B2B.

Amazon Business Features

Business Pricing 

Business pricing is an Amazon Business account feature that allows sellers to set different prices specific to business customers registered on Amazon. Business pricing is typically less than retail prices, encouraging business customers to purchase goods in large quantities. As a manufacturer or distributor, you can sell your products to both business and retail customers, but only the former will see the discounted business pricing.

Quantity Discounts

When you sign up to become an Amazon Business seller, you can also incentivize registered business customers to buy products from you by offering tiered discounts depending on volumes of purchases.

Enhanced Product Content

It also makes it easier for sellers to upload detailed information on their product pages. An Amazon Business seller can add more details of a product, including CAD files, User guides, Safety information, Application guides, Spec sheets, Comparison charts, CoA, Installation manuals, etc.

Business Profile

Business customers also get a chance to include more information about their business to give more confidence to potential business customers. A manufacturer can include the year of establishment, type of business, and other important information.

Allow Requests for Quotes

Aside from the normal quantity discounts a seller may wish to give, they may also respond to a potential buyer inquiring about a product with a discounted offer depending on the number of units to be purchased.

Quality & Diversity Certifications

Amazon Business sellers can also claim various credentials of high interest to increase their sales to business customers like, Minority- or Woman-Owned Small Business. Additionally, you can also claim quality certifications like ISO and AS.

How to Start selling on Amazon Business

  1. Start by creating a Professional Selling Account by going to com. If you’re an existing seller, you can join by adding specific features from the Seller Central section. Amazon charges the standard monthly subscription fee of $39.99 to Amazon Business sellers.
  1. Fill in your Amazon Business profile using the profile editor feature.
  2. Add your products and
  3. Once you’ve listed your products, you can start selling to business customers.

Selling on Amazon to business customers is a handy way of expanding your product sales as a manufacturer or distributor. With all the additional features available, every distributor should have an Amazon Business account. It is priced at the same amount as a monthly subscription fee as a Professional Amazon selling account. You’ll also be able to expand your reach to business customers. At the same time, you can still sell to retail customers, each with their price for the same products.