• 24/7 Product Releasing
– Our warehouse never closes. We move freight and goods in and out of our warehouses 24 hours around the clock, seven days a week. We know how important it is to get your products out from our warehouse to where you need them, when you want them.

• Container Loading/Unloading – Whether it’s a truckload or a container load, our professional, dedicated staff will service your needs quickly and with attention to detail.

• Contract and Commercial Warehousing – We handle 3rd party, contract and commercial warehousing for stock that is pilled, racked, stackable, or in bins. American Warehouse offers a cost effective, safe, clean, secure place for you to put all your valuable commodities as they sit ready for distribution.
Outsourcing your warehousing allows you to switch fixed cost into variable costs. You only pay for what you use.

Freight/Logistics – The process of strategically managing the acquisition, movement and storage of materials, parts and finished inventory through American Warehouse to you in such a way that current and future profitability is maximized through cost-effective ways.

• Fulfillment – A process that supplies a finished manufactured product directly from a manufacturing facility to a distributor or end user without the finished product going back through the company that has created the product. The fulfillment cycle may include receiving customer orders, configuring the products to order, shipping and invoicing products to distribution outlets or end users around the world.

• Intermodal Services – is the warehouse management and shipping of a product through various means. At American Warehouse, we move freight whether it is by air, truck, or sea and save you money doing it too.

Pick/Pack Programs – We can accept your e-commerce or retail orders, pick your products from
inventory, pack them securely, and then ship them for you.

• Product Assembly – It sometimes makes sense to ship bulk components from several different sources and have them repackaged into smaller consumer retail packages at an outsource facility like American Warehouse. A child’s ride on toy as an example, may have the body manufactured at a plastics factory, the axles at a metal fabricating company, assembly instructions decorative labels at a local printer, the retail package at a box-board printer and fabricator, and the hardware from an overseas hardware company. Your product’s components can be picked and inserted into consumer packaging with ease.

• Real Time Inventory Control – Sophisticated bar code scanners keep track of inventory as its moving in and moving out of our warehouse. No need to wait for a long, tedious and often inaccurate physical count. Inventory is instantly updated.

• Same Day Delivery – Just in time delivery of parts or products to your assembly facility or store can be arranged easily.

• Low Prices and Best Service – Located minutes
north of Boston, we guarantee low prices and best-in-class service for
New England including MA, ME, RI, CT, NH, VT or anywhere in the world. No job is too small or too large!