Written By Ameraware

Amazon is a large marketplace, which means that in order for sellers to get noticed, they need to work on gaining credibility with buyers. Product reviews are an excellent way to make this happen! Potential buyers routinely check reviews to see if the product meets expectations and holds up over time. Getting those reviews can be a challenge, but if you follow these suggestions, it will make the process a lot easier:

Provide Excellent Customer Service

At the core of every review, whether positive or negative, is a customer experience. Happy customers leave great reviews, unhappy ones leave negative reviews. Make sure you deliver great customer service, and the probability of leaving excellent reviews goes up considerably!

What makes for great customer service? The goal should be to solve any potential issues quickly and accurately. They should also be available to answer any questions the customer might have. Deliver the product as described and make any customer service issues easy for the customer, you’ll get great reviews. A lot of the time, you won’t even need to remind them to do it.

Use Amazon’s Resources

Amazon will support your efforts to gain good reviews because they help their business, as well. The more good reviews a product has, the more people will buy that product. The more products that sell, the more money Amazon makes. Become of this, Amazon will do some of the heavy lifting for you and send out an automated email asking for a review. You can ask Amazon to send another automated review request from your seller dashboard.

The Early Reviewer Program offers another possibility. In that program, you submit a product and Amazon incentivizes select reviewers to leave reviews with the promise of a gift card. Once someone reviews your product, you pay a program fee presently set at $60.

Send a Follow-Up Email

You can also send a more personalized follow-up email through the buyer-seller messaging system. Personalization is the key here since Amazon’s automated reminder is painfully generic. Identify yourself or provide the business name. Thank the customer for their order and specify the product. Let them know that you’d appreciate their feedback on the product if they want to give it.

If you want to get creative, you can include a brief list of alternative uses for the product that the customer might want to try before asking for the review.

Take Advantage of Amazon Vine

Another possibility for those selling Amazon brand products with a low number of reviews is Amazon Vine. In a nutshell, you give Amazon a certain number of units of your product. Amazon passes them out to reviewers they approve. Reviewers leave reviews on your product page.

Snagging Amazon reviews takes some effort, money, and even creativity. From the outset, you must deliver solid customer service. Poor customer service will torpedo your efforts at getting good reviews.

You should absolutely take advantage of Amazon’s built-in options for following-up with review requests. Get creative with the personalized follow-up. If those options aren’t getting it done, you move onto paid options like the Early Reviewer and Vine program. Combine the available options and you’ve got a solid chance at landing those reviews.