Written By Ameraware

Amazon’s FBA program allows sellers to easily package, store, and ship their products to consumers. But like all businesses, the program does come with challenges. Sellers need to actively seek out buyers and make sales, which requires making use of every opportunity offered.

One of the tools sellers can use is to pay attention to the calendar year. Sellers can use the calendar to help leverage holidays and other important Amazon-related dates, which can also give them a competitive advantage.

Here’s more information about how sellers can leverage the calendar for the Amazon FBA businesses:

Get to Know the Important Dates

Every year there are a few days where buyers are more active than usual. You are probably familiar with most of these days because they have been engrained in our consumer culture. Here’s a look at the dates:

  • Black FridayThe day following Thanksgiving, Black Friday is notorious for creating long lines in retail stores opening at the crack of dawn. Widely recognized as the start of the holiday season, many stores promote sales that draw in customers. But many customers are over the novelty of waking up early and waiting in line. Instead, they are drawn to online retailers and amazon merchants, where there is no wait and the sales run all day. Amazon FBA sellers need to take advantage of Black Friday and the influx of customers that it brings.
  • Cyber MondayCyber Monday is important to FBA merchants for obvious reasons. Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday, and it highlights online businesses. This is great for FBA sales because customers are fully focused on online shopping. This is the day to step up your performance and satisfy customer demand.
  • Prime DayAmazon Prime Day usually takes place in mid-July and it offers special discounts to Amazon Prime Members. As a seller, this results in more activity from buyers looking for good deals. Prime Day is a huge way to boost sales.

Don’t Forget About the Holidays!

In addition to those three days, merchants should look to increase sales on almost all major holidays. This includes Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, New Years Day, and even Super Bowl Sunday.

“Back to School” season is also an important time period for sellers to be aware of. During this time, parents and students search for deals and discounts on all things school supplies. College students often look for textbooks, clothes, and other supplies. During this time it can be very helpful to market towards students.

Dedicated FBA Events

While looking for opportunities where buyer activity is increased is important, it can be equally important to look for opportunities to get insight on improving your business. There are a number of events where Amazon merchants get together to share experiences and advice. The Internet Retailing Expo is one of these events that takes place in early April. The Internet Retailing Conference and Exhibition is the largest ecommerce event and it takes place in October. These events are a great way to expand your knowledge and meet other merchants.

Keeping track of important dates can be the difference between success and failure for your Amazon FBA experience. Focusing on certain days to advertise can lead to increased sales and revenue. Always make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming holidays and events when running your business.