Written By Ameraware

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an e-commerce business that enables you to sell your products. When you have determined what you want to sell, you will send the bulk of your product to one of the Amazon facilities close to you. Your product is then placed on Amazon Prime for customers to purchase.

However, it is also possible for you to sell your products through your own e-commerce website. It is easy to wonder if you are making the right decision to use Amazon FBA to sell your goods. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of selling through the Amazon FBA program:

Easy to Ship and Fulfill Orders

Amazon runs one of the most innovative distribution networks in the world. Imagine, someone has just purchased your Amazon product. An Amazon warehouse employee will grab your product from storage, package it, and a driver delivers it to your customer.

Amazon has hundreds of fulfillment centers in different parts of the world. No matter where the customers are, they will reliably get goods shipped to them within just a few days. When the customer places the order, Amazon automatically finds the fulfillment center nearest to them and ships it.

Amazon Manages the Returns

If your customer wants to return the product, they can connect to the online return center. Amazon takes care of all of it for you, from dealing with angry customers to inspecting returns to determine if it should be returned to your inventory or discarded. They charge a processing fee for returns, but the amount of work they take off your back is worth it.

Plenty of Storage Space

Using FBA ensures you don’t have to think about how much storage space you need for your products. There’s no minimum inventory so that you can submit as little as one product. Sellers with high inventory efficiency scores, which means their goods sell quickly, can access countless storage.

Amazon Takes Care of Customer Service

Amazon places the interest of consumers at the forefront of every order. Customers may call or email customer service, day or night. As for any feedback you get, it is up to you to respond and decide on the course of action you will take. When using FBA, you can spend your time building your company rather than handling customer service issues.

Customers Get Orders Quickly

Because Amazon has a network of large distribution centers strategically situated across America, customers can quickly receive their packages. Upon receiving the order, Amazon checks to see if the item wanted is within a few days of a warehouse nearest to its destination. The product is then quickly packaged and sent out for delivery.

Fulfillment by Amazon will help you to grow your business with a high level of efficiency. Using FBA, you have access to millions of possible customers through Amazon, smooth shipping, return management, customer service management, infinite storage space, fast delivery, and order fulfillment. If you need help with the shipping portion of your Amazon business, please contact us.